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Need to Supervised and UNSupervised Programmatically In Swift

I need to Supervised and UNSupervised my device Programmatically In Swift.

@bharti1990 Thanks very much for your question!

I looked into this, and to the best of my knowledge, it is not possible to alter your device into Supervised/UnSupervised mode programmatically. These are controls that you typically would implement using a Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider or using the Apple Configurator macOS app.

Here is a link that gives you more information on it.

I hope this helps!

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Hi @bharti1990,
The supervised mode is basically called your Managed Device and that is achieved via setting a Provisioning Profile on the device that allows or disallows certain features.

In enterprises this profile is distributed from a MDM solution via the server and if you want to simply manage a device or a smaller number manually, you can use the Apple configurator and set the restrictions, etc.

There is another option to set the device to a managed setting for children as outlined at

Lastly, another option to restrict a device is the Guided Access mode.

Setting any of this programatically using Swift or any other language is not possible.