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Need advice on Android Dev

I’ve been trying to learn android dev for some time and I seriously feel like giving up. Your video tutorials and articles are a great help in learning. My concern is that android is evolving rapidly or rather best practices are changing so fast that it feels like everything I’m learning becomes outdated as soon as I get a grasp on it. As I was learning about Android Networking using the article,, android studio prompts me that using activeNetworkInfo is deprecated in SDK 29. I’ve checked online resources but everything everyone was suggesting on sites such as stackoverflow either seemed too convoluted or was also deprecated. I really liked the approach the article takes because it’s short and sweet. Plus, it makes perfect sense as I read it and can follow with your explanations. But following the vague answers on how to use ConnectivityManager.NetworkCallback makes no sense to me.

@caido913 Do you still have issues with this?

Hi @shogunkaramazov, yes I was able to figure it out with some searching on the internet and modifying it until I got it to work. I also noticed that you guys updated the original article to reflect these changes. Thanks!

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