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Native app for subscriptions

Had no idea where to post this. With all the books released from this site on mobile app development why is there no native mobile and Apple TV apps for your subscription video service?

I hate watching videos on iPad in the browser as auto play never works it’s very annoying. Clearly this site has the talent to make a mobile app for this subscription service…

Just a suggestion :wink:

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Oh yeah! I too thought of the same, but then they are using Vimeo and even a native application, if built, won’t have downloadable videos / Offline mode :frowning:
However, I am able to autoplay videos just fine in Safari(macOS) Try viewing the site in PC mode via iPad, and check if autoplay works!

I suppose I can try that however with this site originally primarily being Apple technology focused I shouldn’t have to do things like that. I mean I have been developing web apps for a very long time - this being one reason I dislike web tech consistency across browsers - and there are a apps that support native offline.

With the skills of the people here there is zero reason not to have a native mobile app for this. If Vimeo doesn’t support this they can always just use AWS for video streaming :wink:. Offline viewing on a web browser I can understand the reason for not doing it as anyone can just steal the videos. Native apps don’t have as many limitations.

Stay tuned for an exciting announcement in the next month or so - I can’t say more yet, but I think you’ll be happy to see it. :]


Haha yeah, but that’s an added cost…

Wow, sounds good :smiley: