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My first game - Math Time, a math brain training game

Hello everyone,

First I want to say thanks to the team here at raywenderlich - without you guys and your books and tutorials I prob would not have done this.

I just made a simple math exercise game using swiftui and core data. I dont really focus on game making but I found a job add at a local university that is looking for someone to develop experimental math games for children and I really, really want to be competitive for it.

Since my resume sucks as far as trying to get a developer job goes (I’m self taught. Currently Im a dentistry student on hiatus, with a chemistry background :o - so nothing comp related at all.) So I though id whip up something fast to boost my chances. And learn some swiftui while I’m at it.

With that Math Time: Stimulate your brain was born. It’s simple but I can tell you it’s not a bad exercise. Its got leader boards too.

Here is the link:

Tell me what you think.

Thank you,

Stas J

@sjidkov Congratulations and keep up the good work! :]

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