Must do Updates for projects in edition 2

While reading the second edition, the code always breaks. So I have to run the steps before the app can run on my device.

  1. flutter pub upgrade
  2. android:name="${applicationName}" // change in android manifest
  3. kotlin version = 1.5.31 // change in build.gradle project level
  4. comilesdk = 31 // change in build.gradle app level
  5. gradle version = 4.1.0’ // change in build.gradle project level
  6. gradle wrapper = / // change in gradle properties.

It’s sort of hectic, having to go to the next chapter and have to make the same changes every time.

Will there be another edition?

@maku thanks for posting such a list of detailed steps. Yes, there will be a new edition but it’s gonna take a bit to update all the chapters :slight_smile:


Flutter has released Ver: 2.10.0 too. So when will you release updates for this book? It seems completely outdated now. And we would like to see new modules too. e.g. Web module, Desktop module and etc. Please let us know the future of this book. Thanks!

Considering Google I/O is in a few days we’ll base the update on the presumably upcoming new version of Flutter.

Yes, now Flutter 3. Will you add new modules also? e.g. Web, Desktop

We are currently discussing this.

Yes, this will be a great addition to this book. Thanks!

+1 for updating modules. Also, if I have your eyes. Speaking as someone who is going from knowing NOTHING about flutter programming and learning exclusively through your content, I think it would be awesome if you added a third book in Dart/Flutter Apprentice series that covers how to use things like GPS, The Camera, Local Storage, Bluetooth, etc.

Hey there, I’m a complete novice, what folder are all these files in? I’m having a hard time finding them all