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Multiple UISplitViewController Tutorial |


This UISplitViewController tutorial shows you how to build an adaptive layout note-taking app using multiple UISplitViewControllers.

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Hi. This looks like a really good tutorial app. From the starter, it doesn’t have the File.swift and Content.swift yet. Do I leave the codegen for both at ‘Class Definition’ and do the ‘Create NSManaged Object subclass …’? I’m not really experienced with Core Data.


@warrenburton Can you please help with this when you get a chance? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Wait, sorry. It was showing errors that File.swift doesn’t exist but when you run it, it builds successfully. My lack of Core Data knowledge.


Hi Bruce

This is the simplest possible way of using a Core Data model. Xcode will create the files inside the derived data during the build.

You can change this for other projects if you need to by switching Codegen to manual/none

In this app Core Data is used as quick persistence layer so I went with the simple Mode.

Thanks for reading


Hi Warren, I suggest putting the sub-splitview on the left instead of the right. Much simpler because requires no need to manually manage collapse or separate. Just need to override traits of the child split in the parent split and forward a few things through the child. I could do a tutorial on it?


@warrenburton Do you have any feedback about this? Thank you - much appreciated! :]


Hi Malcom

That’s not an approach I considered taking when constructing the tutorial. It sounds really interesting if it eliminates the need the pile of delegate code required to reconstruct/deconstruct the navigation stacks during trait change.

Im guessing you mean place the folder list (and file list in sub-secondary) in their own split and place that in the primary while the placeholder/editor remains within the main secondary.

I love it when people come up with new ideas for things. Thanks for the suggestion. Id like to see the result if you ever write the tutorial.