Modular synthesizer

Hi there. so i want to create modular synth. So i want to make oscillator like in Moog model d. I will make modules with inputs are connected by wires as any modular machine. I need to know the basics how to write this by using Swift.

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Hi @nikitos, your project sounds awesome! Are you familiar with Swift and iOS development? If not, this website offers many tutorials to get you up to speed. I found these resources that may help you in the right direction.

Audio Kit Code - This is an open sourced synthesizer app with code that could help you get started. I would recommend taking a look at their website, they have various example apps, documentation, and basic tutorials.
Audio Kit Github

You may also want to take a look at Apple’s frameworks such as: Audio Unit , Audio Tool Box , and or Core MIDI .

I hope this will prove to be useful for you and your project. Happy coding!


i know could you please help me with documentation of Audio Kit. If it has some pdf format it be good

I have downloaded the Audio Kit code. But i need some functions: make wires which connect modules, oscillator like Moog with knob which switches wave-form. And can you give me please some material of sample and hold.

@nikitos, I won’t be able to write out code for you but I’d suggest spending time with the documentation and then writing out some code to test with. It’s okay if you don’t fully understand how to use Audio Kit but starting with their examples and reading documentation should be enough to get you started.

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