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Missing Inferface.plist (watchOS 4 Tutorial rooted app)

Build is successful, IOS XS simulator starts, Watch simulator starts and processes for several seconds then crash from app delegate applicationdidFinishLaunching. ?? had been working for many days before this suddenly happened, reverted rto previous commit and same problem persists.


2019-02-21 08:05:14.531403-0800 Watch Extension[5178:3686925] [default] -[SPApplicationDelegate application:_didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:]_block_invoke:772: Error - unable to find interface description file Interface.plist for com.raywenderlich.AirAber.watchkitapp in NSBundle </Users/utterjack/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/0C7DFEE9-628A-4E64-9F88-A5A02426AD1F/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/F2232D34-43BF-4AA2-8F53-33B360A6B908/> (not yet loaded). Exiting

@bhamjack Do you still have issues with this?

I just assumed some random error and started a new project from scratch (not rooted in tutorial project).

@shogunkaramazov, should such threads be closed?

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