Minimalistic math puzzle

After making in-house apps in Objective-C I realized that it is quite boring stuff and decided to learn Swift and make games :grinning: Tutorials from Ray and his team were really helpful!

The first game I developed and published in the App Store is HEX’EM – a minimalistic puzzle with simply rules: everything you have to do is to sum numbers!
Sounds easy?

Congrats @gershengoren. Hex’em is a nice game and looks great. Great MoPub tutorial too, I love Fabric.

Thank you, @endodoug!

Beautiful design and great game. I just downloaded it about three weeks ago and still play it. Can you recommend tutorials that you found helpful?

Thank you @tee!
For this game I didn’t use any tutorials directly, but I think all tutorials from this section are very useful. They give you an overview how to design (I mean the architecture) and develop a game.

PS: Stay tuned, we are planning an update with new features :wink: