Mid-Roll Video Ads integration in AVPlayer

Hi, I have to integrate Mid-Roll video Ads in AVPlayer with custom UI.
I have all the information of videos ads line video ads urls and time when to play the ads etc.
What is the best way to integrate these ads in AVPlayer ?

Hi @taimoorsuleman, welcome to the community! I would look into AVQueuePlayer which would allow you to create a queue of videos since you already have the ad urls. With the urls you could create an array and then possibly use the insert(_:at:) method to go through the videos.


Hi @gdelarosa, thanks for your response. AVQueuePlayer will add videos sequential order, but i want to show ads in mid of videos like facebook and youtube are doing.

Hi @taimoorsuleman You can simply observe the playback time for which you want to inject your mid-roll video ads, pause the video currently playing at a certain time interval, then overlay the UI with another player for the mid-roll ads, and once finished, discard the overlay and resume playing the original video.

@halkibsi yes i can do like this… but i need generic solution just like ExoPlayer doing in android.
ExoPlayer Supports videos ads it just need ads file and thats it.

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