Metal shader language Question

I am this book whose named <> reader. I bought this book to study Metal. But now I have some question about Metal shader language. I wanna know what “stage_in” is. So I hope doctor Caroline can show me answer. Thanks!

Hi @richmond_jam :smiley:

Coincidentally, someone else asked this question a couple of weeks ago. Perhaps you could review the answer, and see if it helps your understanding:

How far into the book are you?

Hello doctor, I read this book in chapter 6 – Textures. And I wanna get some suggestion from you whether I need to remember all step about Metal. If I do that, maybe too many work to do.

There is a lot of work to learn Metal - it’s not an easy job!

If you keep practicing, then the steps will be come easier.

Remember the basic procedure:

  1. Setup all buffers and textures and pipeline states when initialising the renderer.

  2. In draw(in:), set up a render command encoder to encode all the steps that the GPU must take during the draw call. eg. set buffers and textures and pipeline state for each draw call.

  3. Create a vertex shader and a fragment shader.

Did you understand about the [[stage_in]] attribute from the link I gave you?

I got it doctor Caroline. Thank you too much.

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