Metal by Tutorials Next Ed

Hey Caroline,

Posting here but I think this may be a more general topic so please advise if I should post elsewhere.

  1. I’m extremely excited about the updates to metal. Any idea on when the updates maybe coming out?

  2. This book is worth its weight in gold. Any chance we might see a new book on more advanced topics especially given some of the new ray tracing APIs that are coming out?

For what feedback is worth, I’m an aspiring game developer, and this book really hooked me on And I’ve purchased many of the other books not just for their amazing content, but for how I could see the complements to this one. As a foot note consideration, I might add that - while unfortunate- objective c plays nicely with the metal API whereas the Swift API is rather buggy. For example, a lot of the debugging works perfectly with objective c but not Swift. I realize that’s beyond the scope of a book, but I note it for others. The Swift code is rather easy to translate to objc so I’m not really suggesting a change in that regard given Swift is clearly the way of the future.


Thank you for your kind words! Feedback is always welcome, and positive feedback makes my days shine :sunglasses:

A ray tracing book would be fun :rainbow:. I don’t know yet when updates will be coming, but I’ll pass your feedback and suggestions on.

I’m glad you’ve found the other RW books too - there’s an ocean of approachable knowledge there.

I would love a Metal by tutorials vol 2
I would buy it for sure!!!
And honestly this book is on another level and has more merit even taking into account the difficulty of the content



Any news about a ray tracing book?

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Have you been watching the new WWDC sessions? I haven’t heard about a specialty ray tracing book on the grape vine, but that doesn’t mean to say that I’m on the right grape vine!


Hoping to see more great Metal books from you @caroline !!