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Messaging app, help!


I need to create messaging app using this . But there are too many bugs and I can’t understand any logic of app. Which things I must learn to make it work? I already connected client to our own server. Working app must be ready in 2 weeks, app should send messages and be able to create secret chats with encryption. Before I only tried to make to-do list app. We already have working android and web version. Firebase is not a solution - I need to use our own server.

I’m asking for advices from experienced iOS developers.


Hi @azatbek.k,
That is a very specific question and you would get a better response if you hired the services of a developer or accelerator. Given your short deadlines, not sure if you would get the answer you are after.



Hi @azatbek.k, I would recommend submitting any issues you have on the Github repository you are trying to use. Generally the developer will respond and I’ve also noticed the repository is a work in progress thus, it may have issues that have yet to be resolved.