Mega Hasan - 32 Level Platformer - FREE


It’s a normal day in Mega Hasan’s world until, "Oh no, where’s my wallet?! In an effort to find his wallet, Mega Hasan searches far and wide through four worlds to retrieve his property. He climbs mountains, visits his homeland, battles horrors in the night, and blasts to the future fighting the baddest bosses in the land.

Help Mega Hasan find his wallet and bring back his peace of mind.

  • 4 worlds and 32 levels of platforming action.
  • 7 unlockable characters

Free to play. No Ads and no IAP.


Nifty game! The spiky turtle is my favorite enemy.

May I ask how you implemented the virtual joystick? I’m looking for one for my game. After much googling, I found the following. Unfortunately, it is Swift 3 but does not build against the latest seed.

I’m starting to implement one with a PanGestureRecognizer, but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Are you looking for a joystick that slides around with your thumb (like the one in mega hasan) ?

or a stationary one? (check out my game kill sector)

Inspired by the N.O.V.A. series, I was initially thinking stationary. But I like your moving joystick also. So I’m not sure.

Very Nice Game…i like it