I’ve been following the steps in chapter 4 and came across an issue with the MatrixCalculator App.
The compiled App crashes on startup. When opening the XCode project for MatrixCalculator, I am able to build the solution and it runs fine. However, when entering input for the vector/matrix values, it is not possible to switch between textboxes. The program does not react to mouse input or the TAB key.

Having the source code available, I can fix this problem myself, but I just wanted to let you know about it.

I am running macOS Mojave with XCode 10.

Thanks for the great work you’ve done on this book, I’ve been waiting for a long time to find a Metal resource of this quality.


@lederleitner - thank you for letting us know about the crash. I can sadly confirm that mine now crashes too.

That’s interesting that the program doesn’t react to mouse input or tab key - it works for me on my 2015 iMac, Mojave, Xcode 10.

What hardware do you have?

Hi, I’ve run the MatrixCalculator this morning using Macbook Pro (early 2015). I haven’t had the chance to inspect the code, but it’s certainly not possible to switch between textboxes.


Thanks, Filip - I’ll get my MacBook Pro all updated tomorrow and check it out.