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Dive a little deeper into auto layout. Learn more about creating complex constraints and creating universal layouts for all devices.

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@raywenderlich The auto layout tutorial for beginners was really good. This series looks like the instructors are running too fast and making things complex to understand. Sorry, for this straight review. True this tutorial need to be made simpler and not too fast just for the sake of completion. Am an experienced iOS Developer. Still, am finding it difficult to understand. I wonder about newbies…Hope that my honest feedback is taken into account…

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Thank you for the feedback! We’ll definitely incorporate it when we update the course next time.

Can you please tell me if there’s a video to learn how to animate auto layout constraints?

I can! Part 1 of Beginning iOS Animations covers that. If you can, you might want to wait though and focus on something else this week: the iOS 12 + Xcode 10 update is in editing right now and will be released very soon.

Auto Layout is fine but i need to know about font size across various devices. How to manage that?

Hi, @prince2442!

We cover this in the next part, on adaptive layout. Specifically, font size is covered in this episode:

This is true. I watched WWDC videos and still was perplexed by the speed of this course. Just mentions of stuff. No details. I had to check the speed lol.

I find this site awesome. But this course was not useful. And can we have some MVC tutorials or big app walkthrough with table views, the follow up for beginning table views.

@jassi Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated! We will take it into account when we update the course.

I had the same problem. Playing back at 75% certainly helps with the super fast talking but the skipping over of topics needs to be addressed in a re-make. Given the shift to UIKit I suspect an update is not on the cards though.

@paulrbarnard Thank you for your feedback - much appreciated!