Mastering Auto Layout - Part 2: Constraint | Ray Wenderlich

For more powerful layouts using Auto Layout, learn how to use constraints that are greater than or less than a value.

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Hi Jerry, there are wrong subtitles like “Beginning Auto Layout” in a 02-Challenge.pdf and others files.

Thanks for pointing it out!

I’m unclear as to where you set the “Double Length - Pseudo Language”. Is that an option on the project?

There are two ways to do this. First, if you have a storyboard selected and the assistant editor open, set the assistant editor to preview. Then the lower right of the preview will have a button for Language. Note that this button only shows up if you have a localization set for the project.

The second way will use the double length language at runtime. If you edit the scheme for the project, under the “Run” choice there is an “Options” page. On that page is a setting for “Application Language” that you can set to double length pseudolanguage.

Hope that helps, if you need more detail on either of those, let me know.

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Your knowlage of XCode is impressive. Thank you!