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MapKit Tutorial: Getting Started |

Learn to use the powerful MapKit framework to build an interactive map, displaying location details and launching Maps for driving directions.

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Hey there! thank you for your Tutorial! I’ts awesome and I learned a lot. I now try to figure out, if a user would Press on the ‘‘info’’ Button on the Annotation, instead to bring the user to the Maps App, would id be Possible to show them a Picture in Fullscreen of the Art? I couldn’t find any Tutorials for this on the internet.

Hi There, You could definitely do that yes. You’d need:

  • A full screen image of the artwork
  • A UIViewController that contains a UIImageView

When the info button is tapped, you could create an instance of your view controller, set it’s image view’s image to be your full size one, and then present it modally. There’s some handy documentation about this in Apples view controller programming guide: