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I need to log in with Google Sign-In for iOS. My App is both in Obj-C and Swift. The login viewcontroller is in Swift, but the AppDelegate is in Obj-C. I followed the guide of Google:


I have imported the library manually (no cocoapods for reasons of project) and I have included:


Both in the prefix.pch file for Obj-C and the file of Bridging for Swift. Then, I set -ObjC in Other Link Flags, as indicated in the the guide of Google. Now, in my viewcontrolle Login, I see this error:

If, I include this code:

@IBAction func gotoGooglePlus(_ sender: AnyObject) {

    GIDSignIn.sharedInstance().delegate = self as! GIDSignInDelegate


Looks like there’s a library that you need to link against. Are you sure you followed all the steps here.:

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