Limit resource access to a single thread

Chapter 4: Groups & Semaphores | Semaphores section.

Page 39 v0.2 says:

You’ve already seen the read/write pattern to limit access to a single thread.

I’m not sure where this was mentioned, or said how to limit access to a single thread. Would you please elaborate more on that?

Is that when when blocking the current thread of execution using sync? maybe group.wait(timeout:)?


@mennabah It would appear that part of a chapter has fallen off. I’ll have to search through my notes to see where I moved it to and get that fixed up. Thanks for pointing out the issue!

@mennabah OK, finally found it. It’s about 4 pages later, just before the “Thread barrier” section in Chapter 5. We reordered a bunch of chapters and this appears to have been a casualty. We’ll get this fixed up before the next push of the early access.

Thanks @gargoyle, found it :pray:

I would like to know how’s the book? Should I purchase it?

Table of content is good, but not all of them are available in the current version since it’s still in beta. However, concurrency is a good topic to master, and the final release should be out by fall.

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The full book is now available on the store!