Learning the math involved?


So my question is pretty straight forward. I want to get into game development and have been doing iOS development for some time but my math is very rusty. Turns out there seems to be a decent amount of math in game programming and have come across a good bit in just the first 3 chapters.

Which mathematical topics would you guys recommend studying and where would you recommend studying them?


@tjbarber - yes there’s a lot of math in game development - especially when you get to 3D games.

There’s a good thread on gamedev.stackexchange: https://gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/2029/what-math-should-all-game-programmers-know

It depends where you are with math, but trigonometry is where it all starts.

I’d recommend Linear Algebra mostly, but if you’re not there yet, then Pre-Calculus.

Fortunately there’s been a lot of effort put into teaching math lately. There’s Khan Academy, which is brilliant for many subjects.

And School Yourself - https://schoolyourself.org/learn

I like the Great Courses Plus subscription, although it isn’t free. Sometimes they offer a couple of months for half price.

This is my favourite book: https://www.amazon.com/Beginning-Math-Physics-Game-Programmers/dp/0735713901 - this has 2D and 3D examples and pictures and work-throughs for almost every situation, and you can get it quite cheap second hand.

And for Linear Algebra: The Essence of - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZHQObOWTQDPD3MizzM2xVFitgF8hE_ab
and Immersive Math: http://immersivemath.com/ila/index.html

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