Learning paths of game app

Hi folks,

I want to start learning developing game apps on iOS. :slight_smile:
Actually, I’m interested in 3D game app, but not sure if I should start with 2D apps as easier starting point.(To be honest, I have still no idea if 2D is easier, though…)

What do you think about the learning paths of game program?
It would be great if anybody’d advise me learning paths by sorting out various video tutorials including written books.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

I also want to start learning developing game apps on iOS.
but i wanted to ask if the video subscription is enough or are the books very important also?

Hey guys! Here’s my 2c on the matter:

  • If you have previous Swift & iOS development experience and want to make a basic/simple first game, then using SpriteKit (2D games) or SceneKit (3D games) is a very easy way to get started with game programming that leverages your existing experience. I’d recommend reading our books (2D or 3D iOS Games by Tutorials) as the best way to get started on that.

  • If you don’t have previous iOS development experience, or if you want to use what the “pros” use, then you should use Unity. We have a bunch of free tutorials and video tutorials on Unity, and we may even have a Unity surprise coming soon… ;]

I hope that helps - let me know if you have any other questions!

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Ray, thanks for an update!

In my case, I’ve completed iOS Apprentice tutorial series, so it looks like written tutorial books will be good starter. :slight_smile:

A few months ago, as a newbie to iOS, I started with the written books, and then, subscribed to some further tutorials.
It really worked for me!!
(I’m stopping my subscription, though, as I’m busy these days…)

I believe it also works for game development, books first, and then, video tutorials depending on my further interests.

A quick question is what if I start with video tutorials(not books), are there any disadvantages?


Anyhow, I’ve decided to go with 2D iOS & tvOS Games tutorial book!! :books: :grinning:
I hope we can see in the forum. :wink:

Thanks for your help!!

Awesome, hope you enjoy the book @kiaorasat!

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