Launchscreen storyboard mandate

Apple has made it mandatory to use launch screen storyboards by April 2020. If not done so, the app store submissions would get rejected.

This is not a big deal. We can create a storyboard and use the same as the launch screen storyboard. But what I wanted to know is that, I wanted to use a full-screen image view on this storyboard, and use the launch screen images as this image view source.

The problem with this is that these launch images are different for different resolutions. For example, iPhone 8/7/6 uses a 667-height/scale-2 resolution image and iPhone SE uses a 568-height/scale-2 image. Appropriate image can be set for the running device target and get the desired launch screen image for the launch storyboard image view and get the splash screen running. But while generating an IPA, the launch screen image does not act dynamically and the image view could not use the appropriate launch screen.

The above issue can be solved by using a custom class for the UI element, but the launch storyboard doesn’t support the concept of custom classes for these elements.

What can be done to use the old generated splash launch images to be used on a launch screen storyboard? Any suggestion would be helpful.

@adithyaram Do you still have issues with this?

Hi @adithyaram, would it be possible to use one launch screen image for the launch screen? Just an idea.


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