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I installed the latest Canary version which forced me to upgrade the Android Gradle plugin to 4.2.0-alpha15. After I’m done updating the kotlin version and the plugins I still get this warning:
Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 7.0.

Gradle 7.0 doesn’t even exist… ? I’m using Gradle 6.7
Trying to build gets me this error: Could not find androidx.ui:ui-tooling:1.0.0-alpha09

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey there @rvd2pwipwip!

This is because Gradle 7.0 is bundled with the newest Android Studio Canary - the Arctic Fox cycle. Which makes gradle plugins in line with intelliJ plugins for easier naming and for consistency. That’s why there’s a 7.0 plugin even though it doesn’t officially exist (at least not in stable).

You should be fine with the 4.0 canary version which is a bit outdated, but if you want to use the latest, install the Arctic Fox canary! :]