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Isn't is Cheating?

Before I purchased this book I didn’t knew that there will be no new update for this book. Unfortunately the contents of this book is way older. So I think the RW team should add a banner of some kind to the page, where it clearly says that “You won’t get update of this book”.
It is completely cheating and total waste of Money.

@mhasan341 Thanks very much for your question, and my apologies.

Anyone who purchases a book from us gets lifetime updates to it. Unfortunately due to limited resources, we may not have come around to producing a new update to this book, but it is planned. We never have the intention of misleading any customer into thinking that there will never be an update to a book, especially one surrounding a growing technology like watchOS. The reality is, we most likely have not come around to producing an update to this book because of:

  1. Limited resources
  2. Lack of demand

We do our best, and hopefully we will issue a new update in the near future. :slight_smile:

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