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Is there a way that would allow me to download videos offline?


Hi everybody,

I spend a lot of time outside (offline), and I was wondering if I can make something out of it ?

thank you


We don’t have this feature yet, but it’s something we’re looking at for the future.


Thanks. That would be deeply appreciated. It would be a game changer as I do a lot of this on my way to work in a subway train out of streaming data range.


Bump. Same request.

I can see that RW has started putting on more courses online. Amazing!

But to really enjoy this & get value out of it I need to offline mode. It’s the difference between sitting at a desk and watching 2 hrs of videos. Vs watching them on the fly in a train or bus and coding while at a desk.

Come on RW. This is a game changer.

PS - I am happy to pay more for such a feature or even for the platform subscription with such a feature.


Hello! I just wanted to let you know we haven’t forgotten about this, and it is on our roadmap. No ETA yet as we have a few other items we need to take care of first though (such as a big surprise you’ll see on our site within the next month or so), but we agree this is worth doing. :]


Thank you! Some way we could get video url from page source till then ? :wink:


Thank you! That’s brilliant.

And looking forward to the surprises next month.


It really would be great to be able to download on iPad and also watch on Apple TV, which is my preferred way of watching at home.


I really need this feature too!


I really need this too


Repost- Hi. This has been an oft demanded feature.
It’s not a “nice to have” feature! It’s a “critical feature” for all of us here who are on the go.

It’s been requested since 2016 by numerous users and I personally have about 4 requests made and answered by RW team. But this is getting a bit silly - RW team is just kicking the ball down the road without commiting to doing this or not doing this.

I understand your constraint of your team size. But for us this is a question of keeping our subscription or not. So please give us an answer as to when it’s in the pipeline or if it’s not being done. I can take my call to abandon this subscription or not.

What’s being done by RW is not at all fair or transparent. 3 yrs of giving the same standard reason to users while accepting their subscription is quite unethical in my view point.


Reposting answer from the other thread.

Thanks for checking in. We only have 2 engineers and 1 designer on our engineering team, along with a huge backlog of things we want to do. This project is definitely on the list, unfortunately it isn’t at the top at the moment.

If this is a “must have” feature for you, you might want to consider cancelling until we have developed the app. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi Dev Team,

Any update on this?


@vysor As Ray already said, we will definitely do this at some point. I will let you know when I know more about the whole thing. Thank you!