Is it possible to change the string value of an existing QR Code?

Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a way to change the string value of an existing QR Code label? I have a prototype app that can scan an existing QR Code label and display the text string associated with it on screen, but I’d like to change the text string that is associated with the label. If anyone has any suggestions regarding things I should look into, or the basic steps I would need to build into my app I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Hi @yapdj,
A printed QR code contains the data in the QR image. This can be read but to set new data, you need to reprint the QR.

You can add the smarts to your QR in the application that can provide you with an updated string. For example the QR code points to a URL and that URL returns the latest event, so your scanner program can read that URL and call it and then display the latest event. However your other regular QR readers would not be able to manage this logic as it is all in your custom reader.



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