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Is DropCharge memory leaky?

Hello… I did not buy/take the book, though I’m a bit interested by it. I downloaded DropCharge by App Store, the version submitted for this tutorial. I noticed that after playing for 1-2 minutes and more the same round, the fps start to decrease, and that becomes really noticeable on my iPhone 5s, so I assume the memory leak is kinda hard. I don’t know if it’s a bug that affects that version in particular, or the current book version. Though learning to get rid of memory leaks could be a good programming excercise, it makes me trust less the book.

Could you check?

I’ve gone through the tutorial (bought the book and PDF version of it) and haven’t noticed significant memory leaks. I’d guess that the most up-to-date version of the app would fix this issue :slight_smile:

@r0gerblack the issue has been identified and fixed in another post

I think this conversation can be closed now :smiley: