Is creating app with core data and user defaults ok?

I am creating an app and attempting to use core data, even though it might be overkill for now. I want to include a “Profile” section with a few fields and User image to fill out in addition to the main function of the App. Should I use user defaults for those fields since there is only one user? or just a new entity of “Profile” and it’s attributes to keep it all in core data? Does it matter?

I plan to use a few of those Profile fields when creating an export feature later in my roadmap. So was not sure if it would make a difference.

Absolutely you can use both in the one app, and it can make sense - especially when you’re saving or restoring a simple object and you don’t need to create a full NSManagedObject for it, or you don’t want to propagate the NSManagedObjectContext down to some controller.

NSUserDefaults is lightweight, quick and simple. Objects inheriting from NSManagedObject can do a lot more but no need for it if you don’t want to do those things.