Ipad pro full resolution

hi, i’m trying to create a new project designed for ipad pro 12.9" landscape (2732x2048 px), i create the asset and storyboard launch screen but the resolution always is 1366x1024px, can you help me maybe with sample

So you mean the image displayed is always 1366x1024 - i.e. you can see jagged edges in a low-resolution image - or you mean the reported frame size is always 1366x1024? Your @2x dimensions seem OK, exactly doubled, so maybe they are not in the asset catalog correctly?

The logical size is always the lower figure, but art assets are required to be the higher resolution. It’s just a convenience for programmers. When the first “retina” display appeared Apple made life very easy for developers by retaining the existing screen width of 320 even though the actual width of the screen was 640. The difference was that @2x images were used, 640 pixels wide. We still always treated screens as 320 logical pixels though.

hi, thanks for answer… my issue is for uitableview and images create inside the view… i would like to use entire 2732x2048 pixel…what’s the better way?

Mostly it is handled for you. If created from the asset catalog and your assets are supplied in regular (e.g. name.jpg) and double resolution (e.g. name@2x.jpg) and triple resolution (e.g. name@3x.jpg) and they are stored in an asset catalog entry named “name” then when you use one of those images all you need to do is create an image, like

let image = UIImage(named: "name")

and you will automatically get the version of the image that best suits the resolution of the device.

sorry… i mean that i need to use inside a uiview entire resolution for put some tableview (like a planner agenda view)… but i would like to use entire resolution 2732x2048 px

i solve using this

 [[viewContent layer] setAnchorPoint:CGPointMake(1.0, 1.0)];

viewContent.transform = CGAffineTransformMakeScale(0.5, 0.5);
viewContent.translatesAutoresizingMaskIntoConstraints = NO;

This might work, but would it not be better to use the contentScaleFactor member of UIView than using a transform?

do you have sample of use? my issue is using the entire 1pixel drawing of ipad pro 12"

Sure… If you have a 2732x2048 image that you want to display on an iPad, create the UIImage and then set contentScale = 2.0.

But if you have assets in your asset library, correctly labeled as @2x, @3x etc. then you can just create a UIImage using named: and the correct asset is created for you, no need to worry about scale.

if my app isn’t designed for ipad pro can i have a ipad pro screen keyboard instead of the big keyboard?

Hey sorry for the delay, I have been on holiday for quite a while! Do you mean have a smaller keyboard so as to use less of the screen real estate on an iPad Pro?

no, i mean that i have old app for ipad… and if i run this app on ipad pro the keyboard will be big (big size, not querty of ipad pro)… is it possible by code change the keyboard?

Ah OK - no generally you get the system keyboard, and that changes from device to device. But if you really want to have a completely custom keyboard… Custom Views for Data Input should get you started. It won’t be easy and to make it work like the system keyboard will take some time…