IOS User Location Error "(os/kern) invalid capability (0x14)"

for some reason my app launches, the dialog box to request location authorisation appears but it disappears on its own and I am presented with User Location[47489:8243958] [Common] _BSMachError: port 5f07; (os/kern) invalid capability (0x14) "Unable to insert COPY_SEND"

This is soo weird, I have been spending two days on this anad cannot find the issue anywhere. my app works fine the moment I delete the locationManager.requestWhenInUseAuthorization() so Im sure the issue is outside the ViewController.swift.

If I remove both Plist entries then I am presented with the error message to put them in so all fine there.

Somehow the auth process is not working as expected.

Any help appreciated

Xcode9 beta6, IOS11

Hi @boooll

Are you testing on a real device or on simulator?

simulator, I don’t have a device with IOS11 at the moment

This might be a simulator bug, since the iOS 11 sdk is still in beta.
Hope this is helpful.


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