iOS User Interfaces with UIKit - Table Views

Hi, I am working through the tutorial in iOS User Interfaces with UIKit for Table Views. The lessons are great and everything is working and I understand most of it. I am trying to use my own assets (graphics) in the Detail View. I can use the graphical assets okay in the Table View Prototype Cells and the user selects that cell to go to the detail screen - no problem. However, I am getting lost trying to figure out how to use the graphical assets in the detail view (do not want to use the camera like in the tutorial). I have tried StackOverFlow and other tutorials but still cannot seem to figure out how to make this work. Are there any tutorials that someone can point me to so that I can update my skills in this area?

@blueskyiot Thanks very much for your question!

This shouldn’t be too difficult. Make sure you’re using assets that are for the appropriate resolution, and then use the images in the DetailsViewController in a similar fashion.

Is the problem you’re experiencing related to passing the data from the MainViewController to the DetailsViewController, or is the problem with using the images themselves in the DetailsViewController?

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