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iOS Design Patterns - Part 10: Visitor | Ray Wenderlich

In this video you'll learn the visitor design pattern which you'll use to eliminate view controllers' code duplication logic.

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That video helped me to understand the visitor pattern.

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The example code needs to be much simpler.

After a 20-minute long video I really didn’t understand much. There was SO MUCH CODE. You should really explain better with diagrams all that stuff about visitor/visitable and double dispatch. Can’t say I learned something from this video.

Hey guys, thanks for your feedback. :]

Sorry this video turned out to be a little more challenging and code heavy than the others. I plan to update this series in the future, and I’ll definitely take another pass at using a simpler example to explain this pattern.

That would be great… the code implementation for this pattern was a bit long and difficult to understand for me.

I’m glad I was not the only one who didn’t understand this.

Almost felt dumb for a moment. Haha.

Look forward to the revised video.