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iOS Animations by Tutorials Updated for Swift 3 and iOS 10

We're excited to announce iOS Animations by Tutorials, Third Edition - updated for Swift 3 and iOS 10!

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Awesome news :slight_smile: One quick question though : how come the zip file is only 10% of what it was? The 2.0 version is 273Mo while this one is only 27Mo! It can’t be just App Thinning :smiley: :smiley:

Hi, thanks for the great stuff :smiley:

Wanted to ask the same question as @jtonnelier . But actually I saw this on all PDFs, and wondered if it’s optimization alone or something else?
I didn’t have time to check yet, but at first I thought it was some optimization on the images, embedded fonts, etc … But number of pages change greatly as well (for this one, we went from 370 to 329, which may be logic when deprecated stuff are removed/replaced … maybe).

@einharch and @jtonnelier : Glad you noticed! We’ve been playing around with a bit of compression in the books to reduce their size. Some books have it now, like iOS Animations, and the rest of the books will be reduced eventually. Lots of people have asked about loading the books onto their iPads or other mobile devices, and now we make that possible with a smaller footprint. Not App Thinning…but maybe Book Thinning? :thinking:

Ah, I knew it. Thank you for the effort.
I’ve always used the PDFs for the iPad (iBook), and paper books the rest of the time.
Personally I didn’t really mind the size of the books but maybe because my iPad is reserved for pro tasks, sizing down is definitely a welcome addition for people with less space, thank you.

Hopefully it doesn’t harm printing quality, I’m still looking forward to print the updates into a glossy color books for private collection (until the day you offer color print options, I’d gladly repurchase the whole collection again :grin: )