iOS 11/Swift4 tutorial error on Xcode tips/tricks

I’ve been stuck on video 358 ‘Schemes and Targets’.

The video is about a lite version of your product in the same project file. The project is Xcoder and the framework is Checkbox.

The first method is by using different build configs.

There’s 3 steps:

  1. dupe the config in project->info
  2. add a flag in “other swift flags” in target->build settings.
  3. manages schemes->dupe to make a new scheme.

I done this over and over again and get the same error. “no such module checkbox”

It seems there’s a place to connect the checkbox project to the new scheme as it works with one scheme and not the other. The code comes from the resources on the tutorial and I’ve watched the video a number of times. It never shows where the connection is made to the sub project.

The sub project was the subject of the tutorial video #357 “Workspaces and Frameworks” where it made checkbox a framework of the Xcoder project.

So the question is how to you connect a framework to a project inside of a scheme?

Note: I’m starting off with the ‘starter’ project provided and can’t seem to find the problem. In the video it works, in real life, it doesn’t work.

Hi @karljay,

Could you post the link to the video you are referring to.



The video is part of the Udemy system and I don’t have a link to specific videos. The videos in the RayW iOS 11/Swift 4 tutorial are all numbered, and it’s number 358.

I think you have to use the Udemy app or access thru a web browser, it’s a controlled viewing of the videos.

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