iOS 11 Drag and Drop with Table and Collection Views | Ray Wenderlich

In this screencast, you'll learn the basics of adding iOS 11's new drag and drop support into your iOS apps, starting with table and collection views.

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Outstanding, Ray! In my opinion, this is a better and much clearer intro to using Drag and Drop with UITableView than was presented at WWDC. Your tutorials are the best - that’s why I’ve been a long-time subscriber. I look forward to your next screencast!

Thank you for the super kind note @cdisdero - it made my day! :]

Great tutorial Ray! Very nice to have drag and drop tutorials out there already!! Anyways, I’ve implemented pretty much the same code on my performDropWith coordinator for reorderring my colletion view, but when I release my dragged item at the destinationIndexPath my sourceIndexPath blinks, Is this the normal behaviour? Thanks!

I think there’s a piece missing in the first part of this video. It didn’t work for me until I set the table view’s drag interaction property. I don’t recall hearing it/seeing it in his code example.

tableView.dragInteractionEnabled = YES;

It took a minute for me to figure out why it wasn’t working the first time Ray says run the program and it should work. (3:23)

Hi @rwenderlich ,

Is there a way to control the sensitivity of when the drag gesture starts? Drag of an item sometimes starts in a collection view when the user is actually trying to just scroll. How to go about fixing it?


Sorry for the very late question, but getting an error “Ambiguous reference to member ‘drop(_:to:)’” in the PetsViewController.swift file at:
let context = coordinator.drop(item.dragItem, toPlaceholderInsertedAt: destinationIndexPath, withReuseIdentifier: "PetCell", rowHeight: 110, cellUpdateHandler: { cell in cell.textLabel?.text = "Loading..." })

This may be a problem with Swift 5, but Apple’s documentation still references it as in the screenCast. Any help greatly appreciated!

@sbolin Please check out this WWDC talk when you actually get a chance after all:

I hope it definitely helps!