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iOS 10 by Tutorials: Free Access for Subscribers!

We're releasing the fifth book in our popular iOS by Tutorials series - and subscribers get free access!

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This is great news - thanks so much for making this free to subscribers!

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I like the new cover art!

This is awesome! You guys still need to have a business purchasing option though ;). I can’t say I’m not disappointed to see the early bird special go away. I’ve never really been a fan of video content over reading, so the other deal isn’t really enticing to me :frowning:.

Amazing that we get the book free - not sure what I would do without this site - can’t wait to get stuck into the tutorials #keepUpTheGreatWork

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To be honest, I don’t like the massive shift to video content on this page. Video tutorials never worked for me as learning resource. And and I can’t afford the 20USD per month unfortunately. But it seems to work for many people, so no hard feelings. :wink:

I might be in for some sort of subscription to get access to all books, though. But I guess that won’t happen anytime soon. So I probably will get the book when it’s ready in a few months.

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Exciting times ahead. But I’m not too sure I’m happy with the videos over written tutorials approach. Written content is easier and faster to refer back to among many other pros. And please don’t force the subscriptions on readers. I’m more than happy to pay for books (as I’ve done before) and I’ve subscribed for video tutorials whenever I can. But I can’t afford to do $20 every month. For people who are outside of the States, it’s kind of a substantial amount. I understand this isn’t a charity and you need to make money. I’m simply saying don’t do this favoring for paid readers. I believe readers are fully aware that this site is full of good, quality content and willing to pay when we need. Thanks and looking forward to all the new tutorials!

I can’t access the book. I’m a subscriber.

I have been a subscriber from nearly the beginning and this benefit really makes me happy. My main reason for subscribing was to support the site in the hopes of getting future content. I only watch a few videos a month, but I still feel my investment in the site makes it worthwhile. To now get an additional benefit back is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for supporting your subscribers.

Thank you for make the book free for subscribers, I was buying all the books and paying monthly fee every month. Even though I kind stop watching it, glad subscription become more valuable now.

Right On! Great surprise, can’t wait to get into it.

I like your stuff here, books are the greatest … and today I became as a subscriber :wink:

@jimg @swiftlearnerforlife @endodoug Awesome, we hope you enjoy the book!

@jcubed Thanks! Your comment made Vicki very happy :]

@kevinhle You should see the book in your “My Loot” section. However there is no download link yet as we’re working on the book and the first early access version isn’t ready quite yet. When it is, you’ll see a download link in that section. If you have any trouble, contact us here:

@thegamingart @matrikz @isuru Yah, I understand there are different learning styles (some prefer video content, some prefer written). All I can say is we’re working on some stuff you may like in the future :]

@stealthkat @jakeliu I’m so happy to hear that! That is exactly what we were hoping for.

@ilmaros w00t! I hope you enjoy the book and videos, and thank you for subscribing.

Hello Ray,

I appreciate you and your team for contribute the fantastic knowledge.

I have been your subscriber more than 1 year and I am so happy to get a lot of knowledge.

I have one question, do I need to apply for the new subscriber for iOS 10 by Tutorials ?

(right now, I pay 15 $ monthly)

Best Regards,

@lek_th It sounds like you are a long-time subscriber that locked in the beta rate from back in the old days. Nope, you don’t have to do anything - you will get access to the iOS 10 by Tutorials book and screencasts as long as you’re subscribed :]

My question is: there will be an option to buy only printed version in addition for subscribers?

This is beyond cool :grinning: :grinning:

Hi Ray,

A discount for the book for good customers would be also fine. I have bought all your books from IOS 5.

Thanks in advance and best wishes.