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Introduction to RestKit Tutorial

Learn how to obtain data from Foursquare's venues API and display it in a table in this RestKit tutorial.

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Hi Scott.

Thanks you for this great tutorial, however i have question.
How can we do a post request? I have been searched but no luck so far, keep getting error.
I hope you can give an example to make post request.

Best Regards

Please add or rewrite this very cool tutorial using Xcode 8/9 Swift 3/4 ?
Obj-C is old (not bad, but swift is easy and “human-friendly”) :slight_smile:

Howdy folks.
I just took this tutorial out for a spin myself. If you are using the current Master Detail template (e.g. Xcode 8.x.+), there is some more clean up you need to do to remove the SplitViewController stuff. Essentially what the tutorial is suggesting is that you start with a simple tableView app. The old Master Detail template was just that. Ping me if you need to know the steps.


This tutorial is more than six months old, so questions are no longer supported for it until we actually update it for Swift after all. Thank you! :]