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Awesome examples using combine. I did not know that I could use compactMap the way you demonstrated. I also liked how you used and flapMap. When I have used zip in the past, I would use something this this example.

let pubisher1 = URLSession…
let publisher2 = URLSession…

Then I would write:…, publisher2) just reads better.

Instead of flatMap, I had been using tryMap and adding the secondary call in there. I am so excited to see other examples of Combine methodologies to enhance my understanding to make better use of the Library.

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@fweissi Really glad you like it! Cheers! :]

I just watched this lesson and have a question. At the begging of the video you said that authorization challenges are resolved in URLSessionDelegate in appropriate methods. However in the example you just manually inject authorization HTTP header value into the URLRequest. What is the reason for that? Additionally “authorization” header is listed by Apple as Reserved HTTP Header which shouldn’t be manually modified. So basically your example is against Apple’s recommendations.