Introducing the Server-Side Swift Celebration! |

We’ve launched an entire section devoted to server-side Swift on with new books, courses, screencasts and tutorials. Check it out!

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Teh future is here! :tada:


Awesome! Now I can build up that new hit Anti-Social Network with Vapor!

Seriously though, I think I just might do that.

I would like to learn Server-Side Swift because the world of web development has always fascinated me but I was waiting for a chance to do that without switching programming language!

Can’t wait!

It will be great to use swift with modern backend framework)

I have enough experience with server side programming using PHP+MySQL, but it’s always interesting to get new knowledge using new technologies.

It’s exciting to me that Swift can be used on the backend too. I know it’s been out there for a bit, but so glad RW is adding a new spotlight on it–would love to learn more.

Really looking forward to use swift also in server-side programming. Frankly, using two languages in one project is quite confusing. Looking for alternative to ruby on rails, as an iOS developer, I think swift is cut out for it.

Awesome, this is the way to go, scalable backends is a very important topic these days. A microservices architecture with kubernetes and docker for deployment, is the new way of building scalable backends. Swift is a great typesave, performant language to do this and I’am very interested in the development possibilities with these frameworks.

I’m working on an iOS app that will have a server component. The server piece is only in the design stage, so I can switch from Docker/Python to Docker/Swift. Thank you.

Because… One language to rule them all: Server, desktop, mobile, wearable - sweet! :slight_smile:

Awesome tutorial books for amazing programming language, Swift. Every developer’s dream is to write backend and mobile application in just one language. Hope to had a chance to read Kitura! :crab:

Server-side Swift just rocks :sunglasses:

I love swift and do not really know much about web-development. SO I am super excited about these two books and the tutorials to come!

Can’t wait to build my website using Swift. Thank you for that!

SO STOKED!!! This is such awesome news! Congrats to the RayWenderlich team and to the community for receiving another tool for our tool belt!

I can’t wait to learn Server-Side Swift development.

It is much easier to use only one programming language to do both front and back end, especially when you are just focusing on Swift now !

Great news, everyone!
But, @chrisrazeware, what about Perfect? Is it alive?

This is amazing opportunity to try out both Vapor and Kitura and see which one fits my preferences.