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Introducing the iOS 12 Launch Party! | Ray Wenderlich


Even now, what we hear from clients is implementing Push Notifications. Glad to see there is go-to book for all that information!


Definitely most excited about Machine Learning by Tutorials!


Most excited for Advanced iOS App Architecture, can’t wait to dive in!


Intrested in
Digital edition copy of Machine Learning by Tutorials
Digital edition copy of ARKit by Tutorials, Second Edition


Is there going to be no new version iOS 12 By Tutorials? I am excited by all the new books though.

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I’d agree that Push Notifications is the most interesting (IMHO).


I like the architecture and machine learning books :ok_hand:


I’m definitely looking forward to Machine Learning by Tutorials.

Man, do I miss the bundles. I would buy all of the books if there was a bundle discount…then give the giveway as a gift to someone else.


I am most interested in push notification by tutorial and my favorites have been SpriteKit by tutorial.


I am looking forward to Advanced Apple Debugging & Reverse Engineering as Debugging is something I need to improve on, which would add couple points to my expertise level. I know we are supposed to just mention one book but Data Structures & Algorithms too, well one can never stop improving their DS & Algorithm skillset. :smiley:


Always felt my favorite was the ios apprentice book and by far the video course detailing general ios 11 and swift 4. But all are accessible, full of pertinent information and very well produced.


I’m most interested in Push Notifications.


While I am very interested in Machine Learning, I am still at the beginner level – so, Swift Apprentice, Fourth Edition is what I need.


Wait, there’s a Machine Learning book coming out?!?!?!?!?! That’s gonna be freaking awesome and definitely looking forward to that!


Looking forward to Push Notifications


Well I think all the books and courses look interesting and I’d be excited to get anything - but ultimately, I want it all!!!

If I have to choose though I should probably start with the iOS Apprentice book :slight_smile:


Design Patterns by Tutorials


I think the most interesting book is definitely Machine Learning by tutorials. Even on the yesterday iPhone launch they pushed the bionic processor forward with his processing capabilities. It’s so obvious that this is the future. Another one would be the advanced app architecture. I know everyone is looking for a perfect recipe and that perfect pattern and I would really like to check how you guy tackle that.


Cant wait to learn machine learning and other cool stuff. You are awesome! Keep making great tutorials and books


I’m most excited to the Machine Learning by Tutorials book. This is a really hard topic, even harder on Android, but even though Apple makes easier with their good APIs, most of the things are not trivial or obvious.