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Introducing the Game On Book Launch Event!

Introducing the Game On book launch event, featuring books on ARKit, Metal, Unity, and the return of our classic Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit!

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Looking forward to ARKit by Tutorials!!!

I’m pumped about the Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit!! Double Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Streets of Rage were my jam growing up! Would love to learn how it’s done.

Looking forward to ARKit and Metal!

I’m looking forward to the Metal book, plus the update to the Unity book.

For me the most interesting books are “ARKit by tutorials” and “Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit” (because I already have “Unity by Tutorials” and think that this book will be a great complement).

Looking forward to Metal and Unity books!

Looking forward to the Metal book!

Super exited for the ARKit by Tutorials book! :star_struck:

Can’t wait for the complete Metal by Tutorials book!

Looking forward to the Metal Book :100:

The most interesting book for me is ARKit. I can’t wait to find some free time in order to read it.

Can’t wait to get my hands on this

Looking forward for ARKit by Tutorials, although i am pretty sure all will be valuable as always, cheers

Looking forward to ARKit By Tutorials :grin:

I’m looking for ARKit by Tutorials.

I’m looking forward for Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit book.

Most excited for ARKit by Tutorials. Can’t wait to build my first AR App:star_struck:

With all the hype around AR, “ARKit by tutorials” probably intrigue the most
Similarly, as anything retro is appealing to a lot of people "Beat ’Em Up Game Starter Kit” (especially with Unity (cross-platform, universal, more professional?) might be really interesting

I would definitely say ARKit by Tutorials. I’ve been wanting to learn it for months. This would be the way to shortcut my journey.