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Internationalizing and Localizing Your Flutter App |

Learn how to use the flutter_localization and Intl packages to easily localize and internationalize your app, making it accessible to users in different locales.

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hi, this tutorial doesn’t belong to “iOS & Swift” tag, please fix

@nemoxuong Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! I have fixed this. Thanks again!

Great explanation and discussion around internationalization. Much much better than Google documents. It is a wonderful refrense. I appreciate for writing this article.

Thank you for your kind words and feedback @hesam

Download Material, giving me a flutter_localized_locales project !!!

Hi @ehabsalah.
I couldn’t understand what you’re saying. Please, could you try to elaborate it a bit more?
Either way, I’ve downloaded the starter project now and it’s working just fine.

It was very helpful especially for formatting values.
to support localization in iOS you mentioned I have to add values to info.plist. but the solution I see in all iOS i18n tutorials is adding new localization to the Xcode project info tab.
Please upgrade to null safety. It doesn’t compile with Flutter 2.

The official and preferred way of internationalization is here: Internationalization User Guide (PUBLICLY SHARED) - Google Docs

Hi @hashem, thank you!
I believe using the Xcode project info tab will work as well.

@@pt_BR : Esse é simplesmente o melhor documento sobre internationalization na internet. Estou há uma semana fazendo tutoriais e assistindo a vídeos em vários idiomas e, apesar de ensinarem como fazer, nenhum explica direito a lógica e funcionamento por trás do código. Eu fico extremamente frustrado quando copio e colo um código - e funciona - sem entender o que realmente está acontecendo ali, e esse tutorial tirou todas as minhas dúvidas. Muito obrigado!

@@pt_BR: Obrigado pelo feedback Marcus! Fico muito feliz de ter ajudado. Precisando de qualquer coisa é só chamar!

This was a great tutorial and it worked as described. However flutter and dart has seen been upgraded to 2.x and this tutorial final project does not work. Can this tutorial be updated?

This is great tutorial @ebueno. Thanks a lot.
However, I am facing one issue.
I am receiving some text(for example - user full name) in English in my API response. I want to convert this to my phone’s current locale(for example - Hebrew) and show. I am not sure what is the best way to achieve this. Could you help?