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Internationalizing and Localizing Your Flutter App |

Learn how to use the flutter_localization and Intl packages to easily localize and internationalize your app, making it accessible to users in different locales.

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hi, this tutorial doesn’t belong to “iOS & Swift” tag, please fix

@nemoxuong Thank you for the heads up - much appreciated! I have fixed this. Thanks again!

Great explanation and discussion around internationalization. Much much better than Google documents. It is a wonderful refrense. I appreciate for writing this article.

Thank you for your kind words and feedback @hesam

Download Material, giving me a flutter_localized_locales project !!!

Hi @ehabsalah.
I couldn’t understand what you’re saying. Please, could you try to elaborate it a bit more?
Either way, I’ve downloaded the starter project now and it’s working just fine.