Intermediate Swift 3 - Part 6: Inheritance | Ray Wenderlich

In this Intermediate Swift 3 video tutorial you'll learn how to build on existing types through the use of Inheritance.

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Hey there - the challenge file is labeled “BeginningSwift_InheritanceChallenge.playground” but when I open the file itself, it says it’s for Initializers and not Inheritance. At the end of the video you mentioned the challenge was going to be dealing with creating classes/structs for Animals, etc. But I didn’t see that anywhere in the download materials for any of the courses.

Also, as an FYI - within the file, the demo playground is labeled as “InitializersDemo.playground” even though it’s for Inheritance.


Let’s say I need to inherit from a struct:

struct Book {
    func addPage() {
        print("i am a book")

struct SuperBook : Book {

And I got this error:

Playground execution failed: error: MyPlayground.playground:5:8: error: inheritance from non-protocol type 'Book'
struct SuperBook : Book {

What should I do to inherit from a struct?

Noticed this too Michael - its now June 2017 - file still has not been updated. However, the challenge is an inheritance example - just with bank accounts instead of animals. Yes - I would have preferred animas too :slight_smile: