Intermediate Swift 3 - Part 1: Introduction | Ray Wenderlich

Find out what's covered in our Intermediate Swift 3 video tutorial series. Build on your Swift basics and learn about its object oriented programming features.

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Hi Brian!

Will you cover the following topics in a future video series (Swift 3) as well?

“Optionals”, “Generics”, “Protocols”, “Error Handling”, “Extensions”, “Type System”, “Instance Lifecycle” and “Methods”.


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This course will have subtitles? thanks

Yes, this will have subtitles. I’m not sure when they will arrive, but probably soon.

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Are we going to have advanced Swift course in the future?

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I was wondering the same thing as @jakeliu . Ray Wenderlich tutorials are by far the best way to learn about iOS and Swift. It would be great to learn about advanced Swift topics here rather than looking around the web.

Yeup … that’s the plan once we get our other courses updated to swift 3

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Any news on the advanced swift course?

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