Interested in a MacOS book

I am curious, is there anything down the pipeline for a ‘MacOS Apprentice’ type book?


Our lips are sealed! :]

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Hello ! I’m really interested in bumping up the topic. I want to start learning swift3 because I have a couple of ideas of programs I want to make for MacOS. I’m not interested in iOS/TvOS dev at all.

I haven’t done any dev in the last 10 years, used to do C and Java back in the days on Linux, but I’d really like to learn this language in a MacOS-driven way (and thus cocoa I suppose). I’d love to get into Metal too.

Pretty sure I can get the basics from the official swift epub.

thanks in advance !

Thanks for letting us know you are interested in us writing a book on this @sashimi!

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Ditto for me. No IOS interest here but would really like to see a MacOS version for Swift 3.

Still waiting! :slight_smile:

Still waiting as well!!! :slight_smile:

still waiting too!!!