Inconsistent transition from chapter 6 to chapter 7

Chapter 6 starts a new project called Kuchi with some minimal resources. We add a few views and learn about modifiers. Then in Chapter 7 there seems to be a huge break in the content. There is a short description of State, then the book starts referencing things we haven’t done yet. For example “Go back to the RegisterView of the language app Kuchi to examine how @State works in more detail.” Go back to what? We never made a RegisterView??? I opened the starter project for this chapter and it’s completely different. It’s like several chapters have been cut out with no mention to the reader.

What is going on here?


A few folks have noted this in the Errata thread as well – but I’d say it’s less of a typo and more of a potential showstopper for people who are new to SwiftUI.

After digging through the sample code and piecing things together on my own, I’m doing okay. But I have to say… the Kuchi app seems pretty sweet and I can tell a lot went in to making it. A more thorough walkthrough of building it would be great for both the book’s structure and it’s goal of teaching SwiftUI.

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I had the same impression, like a couple chapters were missing. I couldn’t figure out how to get the starter app to actually do anything so I just did the couple follow-along steps regarding @State and moved on to the next chapter.

Hi, what happened is that chapters have been reordered during the book writing, and also different authors have worked on the Kuchi app, so it happened that chapters went out of sync. However we’re going to fix this .

Thanks for the feedback. I was wondering what happened here and just had to stop reading.

Two questions:

  1. Do you know when the updated version will be available?
  2. Will people who have bought the book get the updated version?



Good to know it’s going to be fixed, I was also quite puzzled and had to stop reading chapter 7.
It seems that the best reading order for the chapters at the moment would be: 6 -> 8 -> 9 -> 7 , am I correct?


Well if that is what makes most logical sense to you, then yes :]
Anyway I’ve taken note of your suggestion - thanks a lot. We’ll discuss about that.

Thank you for bringing this up, I was completely lost here. I don’t remember ever creating a PracticeStore or any of the other elements being referenced here.

I believe #2 is true, I got the 1.1.0 update just fine, but if I am not mistaken #1 was not addressed in the 1.1.0 update, was it?

will this chapter be updated? It’s ok for me to read an already existing code but this chapter is really confusing as it gives the reader the impression that he missed a step. The book suddenly jumps in to a big started project and it also say

“Go back to the RegisterView of the language app Kuchi to examine how @State works in more detail.”

but there were not such a class until this chapter

I just finished chapter 7!!
And I feel like what just happened between chapter 6 and chapter 7. I hardly understand what happened in chapter 7.

Looking forward to reading a new update soon.

I kept going back to chapter 6 to see if I missed something…

Chapter 8 starts out: “In Chapter 6, you learned how to use two of the most commonly used controls: Text and Image. In this chapter, you’ll learn more about other commonly-used controls, such as TextField, Button,Stepper, and more, as well as the power of refactoring.”

It seems like 8 is supposed to directly follow 6.

Has there been an update to this book as yet? I can’t believe we are still waiting.

@tanderza Please check out the updated version of the book over here:

I hope it helps!