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I’ve successfully compiled and modified to suit my needs the ‘Receipt Validation’ tutorial. However, when I try to migrate it to my ‘real’ project, I get loads of compile errors. I’ve copied everything over (as far as I can tell) - I’ve added all the correct headers to the Bridging Header, and have imported and included the StoreKit framework. I think that Xcode isn’t finding some of the classes (particularly in IAPReceipt.swift and ASN1Helpers.swift. Are there any specific build settings that I need to worry about? It’s strange, because my ‘modified’ project builds fine… Any help would be much appreciated (I realise I may have posted this in the wrong place - I apologise if this is the case!) I’m happy to provide my complete project if you think you can help…

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John Milner

That’s a little beyond the scope of this tutorial. For security purposes, you should be using remote validation. The purpose of the project was to demonstrate local validation, not be an actual solution.

That said, I took the project and related files from the following tutorial: