Importing 3d Images into Xcode

I downloaded magicavoxel. I made a couple images and exported them as .obj files. After adding them into an Xcode project and turning them into SCN’s I received errors. I did some forum searching and some users said that files had to be .DAE. I downloaded Blender and imported the .obj images and exported them as .DAE. I imported them into Xcode and turned them into SCNs.
When added to the SplashScene, there are no error messages but no images appear. I believe I exported the texture from blender incorrectly but am unsure what to do? Is there better software to use instead of blender?

I found my error. My image’s scale was simply to large and to big to be seen. So disregard this question.

You can scale the object down in Blender before doing the export to DAE. Or you can set the scale of the object within Xcode.

I do think this is one area where a detailed walk through would be very useful.

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Thank you very much. I scaled the image in Xcode and now it works.