IMessage app single "bubble"

Hi !
I am looking for a solution to my imessage app. I want to handle everything in a single “bubble” just like in this app "" . . Anyone having idea about this, Please?

hi @bartozo,
You can do that by using tableviews or stackviews, you will have to create custom controls that help you do that.

So for the bubble you have to create one control that allows you to render a left-to-right and another that is right-to-left. Next you need to extend it to display the poll progress bar. So break up the UI into smaller components and approach it, you could get to the result you are after.



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I didint mean to use imessage on windows device. I just wanted to make iMessage App extension just like in example i mentioned.

Check out this open-source chat app. Sounds like what you’re looking for.

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